7 reasons why you trust Hochair

7/20/20233 min read

three person pointing the silver laptop computer
three person pointing the silver laptop computer

We at Hochair are specialized in designing and manufacturing office chair, to let you understand the strength of Hochair, please refer to below information:

Supply System

Ensure raw material hygiene and maintain the original color

Combined with visual inspection and equipment testing, test by sampling and batch inspection.

There is a special quality inspection department to control the material from the source to meet the needs of the product and meet the qualified standards.

Production Management System

The workers will be received 1-2 months of theoretical training and practical instruction as soon as they start working, from raw material awareness, management, installation precautions, to loading and packing, there are prescriptive requirements standards. At the same time, there is a technical assessment during the probationary period of employees, and they are hired only when their technical level is qualified, so as to guarantee the smooth production process and the quality of products and services.

The production supervisor will conduct 1-3 inspections per day.

The quality inspection department for each process will carry out irregular inspections and tracking.

From the moment we receive the production order, we will supervise the tracking and inspection work according to the order batch. Once problems are found, they are reported immediately, and problems are identified from the source in time by a batch of products so that they can be solved quickly to ensure that the quality of products meets the standards.

QC System

Adopt an incoming material sampling system, all accessories are checked by quality inspection personnel to ensure that they are correct before signing into storage. Once found to be substandard and dissimilar, it is ordered to be returned.

The implementation of the standard by accessories to establish different standards, such as legs, back, armrest, castor, etc., will be different parameters to be used as a baseline check. (For example, feet: compressive test parameters: nylon feet can not be less than 1136kg, aluminum alloy feet can not be less than 1100kg, iron plating feet can not be less than 900kg)

Our QCs are all over 8 years of QC masters.

The quality inspection data will be recorded and entered into the file, and the quality inspection data will be reported in the quality control group in real-time to ensure the validity and punctuality of the information. Two quality checks will be conducted if necessary.

Products shipped before the quality of the finished product, once the quality problems, quality inspection will be the first time by batch inspection, ranking. Found that a batch of a particular one of the products has quality problems, the batch of products to be returned to all.

Packing System

5-layer carton with good solidity and stability, with obvious upward marking. The carton has passed the 13Kgf burst test and 350kgf compression test.

When packing, the products are placed in order of light and heavy, making sure that the heavy things are underneath, and there are plastic tapes for protection. The carton has a prominent upward mark, when packing, workers will pack according to the upward mark, refuse to reverse or random packing. Easy to wear parts with bubble bag wrapped well, sharp objects pad cardboard separated from the screws accessories, etc. in addition with a small paper box packaging put in it.

Incoming transportation requirements cover the dust bag; packing before the factory strictly do a good job of cleaning

Determine the boxing specifications beforehand, calculate the maximum box utilization, and calculate the container placement. And check each carton to ensure that it is tight; if you meet irregular goods, follow the reasonable way of loading heavy goods at the bottom, light goods at the top, and hard goods in the middle.

We have a 1-piece set, 2-piece set, and 3-piece set respectively. Accessories and products disassembled, but in the same carton, along with detailed installation drawings and installation instructions, installation video. Each part of the product resistance according to customer requirements number, screw accessories number, and divided into categories with transparency packaging; for the convenience of intermediaries, the packaging does not contain any company information, product model and logo, etc.

Stock System

Since December 2020, we have established an inventory visualization system, with monthly quantitative fixed production scheduling and timely uploading of data to the system, which can be checked at any time.

In terms of manpower, the finished goods warehouse is managed by 4 people exclusively and the materials warehouse is managed by 10 people.

Pre-shipment System

Requirement same as QC system

After-sale service System

After the feedback problem, one working day can give a reply, timely response, efficient solution. But the premise is that the customer feedback problem, need to have accurate text description and pictures or video as evidence to ensure that it belongs to the company's product problems. After verification is a quality problem, to be reissued problem parts. If you encounter complex problems, you can attach a video explanation guide.