Do you really recognize the office chair you're sitting in?

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This time I'll give you a generalization, the first conceptual manuscript of the office chair first appeared in Nuremberg aristocrat Martin Löffelholz von Kolberg.

With the expansion of office work in modern times and the emphasis on efficiency, American inventor Thomas E. Warren (born 1808) designed the centripetal spring armchair in 1849... "Wait a minute! Brother, you're reading from a Wikipedia article. Who doesn't have a computer?" "Don't worry, just wait for me to go on.

Nowadays, society is developing rapidly, efficiency is the king of the times to promote the upgrade of office equipment and environment, the former typing chair is to meet the basic needs of the average telemarketer, now companies are focusing on occupational safety and health issues, [Provides many economic and other benefits, a wide array of workplace hazards (also known as unsafe working conditions) also present risks to the health and safety of people at work. These include but are not limited to, " These include but are not limited to, " chemicals, biological agents, physical factors, adverse ergonomic conditions, allergens, a complex network of safety risks," and a broad range of psychosocial risk factors.]

Until the global epidemic broke out in 2020, the topic of gaming chairs in google trends and home office skyrocketed to unprecedented peaks at an alarming rate. This reflects the gradual blurring of the boundaries between commercial and home office chairs for consumers.

Then we as office chair manufacturers, also need to have a comprehensive understanding of office chairs, we roughly divided into office chairs in accordance with the functional areas of the boss chair, executive chairs, staff chairs and visitor chairs.

Boss chairs, as the name suggests a company only a boss, there are other company partners who can also enjoy the same configuration of office chairs, but the number is not many, such chairs require most of the material for the leather, plane mechanism, and aluminum alloy base!

Executive chair, this can not be literally guessed through the meaning of its actual sales, because each manufacturer's definition of executive chair are in a different category, some of which may be a relatively simple configuration of the armrests, with the headrest of the high back mesh chair, there are also 3D armrests and even a little close to the category of Herman miller or Steelcase ergonomic chairs.

Staff chairs, we are for large companies bidding on projects or price-sensitive customers who will recommend staff chairs, because most of the companies for staff chairs are labeled "cost-effective", cost-effective = cheap!

Guest chairs, the material requirements of such products are not the only standard, some customers need leather, some need mesh, I have seen customized guest chairs, chair back is leather, chair seat is mesh.

So let's analyze the current chair parts are made up of what they each play what role?

1. headrest, for me, there is a headrest and no headrest difference is the difference between executive chair and staff chair, kidding, headrest in the protection of the human neck and head, long hours of work to the neck pressure is not to be underestimated, there are fixed and 2D headrest on the market, a friend of mine in order to make a differentiation with other manufacturers, he researched a 4D headrest, I think it's a good idea, I hope his chair can be sold. I hope his chair can be sold!

2. Chair back, the material is generally PP + glass fibre, there are other factories to increase sales at all costs, so do nylon back frame. The ergonomic selling point is to work on the lumbar support, 2D or 3D lumbar pillow, in the surface of the lumbar support, set a piece of sponge, which makes the lumbar and the back of the chair more gentle contact. Why do manufacturers have to go to great lengths to make articles on the back of the chair, which involves the cost of their molding, in all accessories, the back of the chair is the highest cost, but also with others to make the important factor of differentiation.

3. Chair seat, the general composition is sponge + Ammon cloth / PU + plywood, sponge is divided into recycled cotton + cotton (cheap cotton 1-5cm thick), high-density cotton (6-6.5cm thick), moulding cotton.

Conventional board is 9-10 layer board, thickness 11mm is 9 layers, thickness 12-13mm is 10 layers.

Moulding foam is a block of sponge, machine molding) without post-processing, good elasticity, comfortable touch!

High density foam/cotton High-density foam is soft to the touch, with elasticity general

Glue, in order to respond to the global response to carbon-free, some of our manufacturers even glue the sponge glue into the optimal level of E0 glue

Then the chair seat is the most extensive contact with the human body area of a component, it is for the seat of the internal structure of the higher requirements, a little worse chair seat can cause a series of problems.

4. Armrests, the market is divided into fixed, lift, 2D, 3D, 4D armrests, we focus on 2D, 3D, 4D armrests it!

2D, armrests can be lifted and armrest surface can be adjusted back and forth

3D, the armrest can be lifted, the armrest surface can be adjusted back and forth and the armrest surface can be rotated left and right.

4D, the armrest can be lifted, the armrest surface can be adjusted back and forth, the armrest surface can be rotated left and right as well as the armrest overall translation (some manufacturers of the armrest can be rotated left and right)

Furthermore, there are also special armrest, such as uplifted amrest. They are mostly in line with the requirements of customer diversity, for the placement of human hand position.

5. Mechanism and gas lift, then the mechanism is the soul of the whole chair, it determines the functionality of the chair, before we say the plane mechanism [back and armrests connected to the back of the back of the board together with the backward tilt, the function of the butterfly mechanism is similar to the mechanism, but the angle of the backward tilt is large, the quality of the heavier, a function of lifting and lowering + a position locking] is to decide that it is only suitable for leather chairs.

Typing chair mechanism, as long as the lift function

Butterfly mechanism, the back panel is tilted back together with one function lift + one position lock.

Multi-sections locking mechanism, Multi-functional mechanism with back reclining & 3/4 positions locking functions

The sliding mechanism, that is, in the multi-section locking mechanism based on a new seat or mechanism sliding function

Dual handle multifunctional mechanism, Muti-functional mechanism with back reclining and locking at any position function

Gas lift, there is a famous saying that attitude determines the height, the chair is the gas lift determines the height.

Generally, the color of the gas lift is black or metal chrome color.

The quality level of the gas lift is from the gas lift wall thickness, gas lift core thickness, the thicker the wall, the thicker the core, the higher the level, the better the quality.

The gas lift stretch is that the gas lift sinks, the gas lift downward stretch how many cm

How many centimeters the gas lift stretches depends on the height of the base and the height of the mechanism.

6. Base and wheels.

The size of the base is from the center of the base to the base peripheral distance - that is, the radius distance, generally 310-350 mm.

The base material is generally divided into: PP, nylon, metal chrome base, aluminum alloy base

Some users think that the iron base is certainly stronger than the nylon base, it is not so, accept the same test standards, nylon base quality is higher, just like a kilogram of cotton and a kilogram of steel that weighs the problem.

Wheel size is generally 50,55,60mm in diameter.

Material is divided into PP, nylon and PU, there are customers customized PU mute wheel

Well, again, we pay more attention to the point of it, which parts of the office chair will affect the actual procurement of which factors?

1. armrests up, armrests up is conducive to office chair storage, but also take into account the durability and quality of the movable armrests, then the natural buyers procurement is more focused on a point.

2. PU silent wheels, Japanese buyers will pay special attention to this issue, because they feel that the office chair wheels once the sound will affect the surrounding colleagues' working mood, bringing negative impact.

3. 3D or 4D armrests, some chair manufacturers in order to save the huge cost of molding, will use a similar back to expand their product line, then the larger European and American countries how to choose the office chair in line with their own, the armrests of the whole pan to give consumers a higher range of application.

Totally, Prioritizing Suitability Over Price Extremes. In the realm of procuring office furniture, it's crucial for businesses to steer clear of fixating solely on high or low prices. Instead, the paramount focus should be on identifying solutions that align seamlessly with your unique requirements.

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